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Looking for the best info on natural pet care for your pet?

Whether you are a just starting out or are looking for more ways to share a natural and holistic lifestyle with your animal, here you will find the info you need.

We are so happy to have you here with us learning as much as you can, and hopefully making a commitment to raising your family pet member naturally.

With all the trial and error, product tasting by our pets, and other issues we have experienced for the past 20 plus years, we're hoping that we can help you avoid some of the lessons we learned the hard way.

Experience tells us that having a healthy , holistic pet is the best way to having a happy pet. It takes commitment. Yet, we can tell you…it is worth it!

Our animals give us so much happiness. We feel blessed everyday they are in our lives. They are family members with tons of love to give and it is our goal to give them a natural and holistic lifestyle.

That is why we have this website. To share with you all the time-tested information we have gathered over the last 20 years so you don’t have to. It’s all in one place…for you and your pet!

What you will find on

  • Reviews on various brands of dog, cat and parrot food. Are they really natural?
  • Great recipes for making your own natural horse, cat, parrot, hamster and pet treats
  • Info about Supplements and what they do
  • Natural pet remedies that you can make yourself
  • Homeopathic pet medicine
  • Pet allergy medication
  • Pet flea medication
  • Pet Loss and Grief Support
  • Best Pet Health Insurance
  • Animal Reiki, dog massage, cat massage and horse massage!
  • A place to share your photos and stories about raising your pet naturally

The other cool thing that we want to share with you is not only great information about food, insurance, supplements and treats…

How about great information and reviews about

  • Natural pet shampoo
  • Natural Dog Toys
  • Hamster Bedding
  • Cat bedding
  • Organic Lizard and fish food
  • Dog, cat and horse massage

So, please stop by often as we will be adding new and great information often.

Sending you many Thanks, Barks, Meows, Tweets and Flutters from all of us at

Samoyed dog raised with natural pet products

That's Marley the wonder dog. She's a happy girl who loves to play with her Shih Tzu friends.

This 9-year old female samoyed is raised totally without drugs and harmful foods. Her irritable bowel syndrome cleared up with holistic medicine and good organic foods!

And she can't wait to tell you more!

Happy Tails!

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Hamster Bedding
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Healthy Pet Food Recipes
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Holistic Blend Pet Food
Holistic Blend Pet Food offers a natural pet food and 2 choices of organic pet foods for your companion. Better than the supermarket!
Premium Natural Dog Food
By choosing a premium natural dog food that is an organic pet food you are definitely making the right choice when feeding your dog. When choosing healthy dog foods read this article first.
Natural Dog Food Recipes
Making natural dog food recipes and healthy dog foods at home are safe and economical! You can make a premium natural dog food that can be an excellent choice for feeding organic pet foods!
Holistic Dog Food Recipes
Finding holistic dog food recipes for natural organic dog food can be difficult. We have holistic dog foods and healthy dog food recipes that are holistic and organic. Try them they are free!
All Natural Pet Supplies
Learn why it is important to use all natural pet supplies when raising your companion. Holistic pet supplies are healthy for your pet, you and the environment.
Natural Flea Spray
Learn how to make your own natural flea spray. We have 2 great recipes for pet flea medication that are easy to make and effective as a non toxic flea spray. Free and easy to make.
Natural Dog Remedies
Natural dog remedies that you can provide at home are a great way to provide alternative pet medicine and holistic medicine for dogs. Learn how from fellow dog lovers with 20 years experience
Holistic Medicine For Dogs
How many forms of holistic medicine for dogs and types of alternative pet medicine are available? Learn about the natural dog remedies from folks with experience.
Pet Arthritis Medicine
Finding healthy pet arthritis medicine for treating dog and cat arthritis really isn’t that difficult. Natural dog arthritis medicine tips from folks who have experience using organic products.
Dog Arthritis Treatment And Holistic Medicine For Dogs
Learn about conventional and holistic dog arthritis treatment, dog arthritis medicine, holistic medicine for dogs and dog massage from folks with experience.
Dog Massage Therapy, Holistic Medicine For Dogs, Dog Arthritis Treatment
Learning to give dog massage therapy for your companion. A massage for dogs is a great way to help give your companion relief from athritis while also relaxing him.
Cat Massage
Learn how to do a simple cat massage you can do at home and why its good for your pet, from our cat expert. This is a great natural medicine for cat health issues and cat arthritis.
Horse Massage
Horse massage has many benefits as an alternative pet medicine. Along with natural horse products equine massage works. Find out why and how to give a easy horse massage from folks with experience.
Pet Health Supplements
Enrich your pet's life with natural pet health supplements. Learn about some basic pet food supplement that can add to your natural pet supplements list from folks with experience!
Pet Joint Supplements
Natural pet joint supplements can make all the difference in your pet's health. Learn why natural pet supplements are the best way to go when making pet vitamin choices from folks with experience.
Dog Vitamin
A natural dog vitamin can improve your companion's health. Get peace of mind about giving a vitamin supplement for dogs and learn from folks with experience.
Vitamin C For Dogs
Vitamin C for dogs is a great addition to your list for natural dog vitamins. Learn why vitamin C is a necessary vitamin supplement for dogs health now from folks with 20 years experience.
Best Dog Vitamin
People ask “What is the best dog vitamin to give our dog?” ! Results from our research help you to know what you should look for when you're buying natural dog vitamins and pet health supplements.
Vitamin E For Dogs
Vitamin E for dogs is one of the most important vitamins for your companion’s health. When choosing natural dog vitamins consider vitamin E a vitamin supplement for dogs continued health.
Vitamin Supplement For Dogs
Learn why vitamin supplement for dogs is important to add to your natural dog vitamins and pet health supplements list from folks with over 20 years experience.
Natural Horse Products
Natural horse products have many benefits when you consider pet care supplies for your horse. Learn about some of the options for holistic pet supplies from folks you can trust.
Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals
Get answers to your questions about natural pet pharmaceuticals and why you should buy pet medication online for the best alternative pet medicine choices
Natural Horse Wormers
Looking for natural horse wormers because you are tired of pumping your horse full of toxic chemicals? Learn more about using natural horse products and alternative pet medicine from folks who care.
Natural Horse Halters
Natural horse halters are on our list of favorite pet care supplies. Train your pony with a gentle and more natural approach. Learn why these holistic pet supplies are so effective.
Cat Vitamin
Giving your cat a high quality cat vitamin is just as important as feeding high quality food. Good natural pet health supplements and pet vitamins are easy to find, learn from folks with experience!
Cat Vitamin Supplement
There's no question that a cat vitamin supplement is important for any feline's health. Learn about natural pet supplements for the best cat vitamin choice.
Avian Pet Insurance
Avian pet insurance is finally here!! Learn if this is the right choice for you when choosing veterinary pet insurance from folks who have done the research.
ASPCA Pet Insurance
ASPCA pet insurance is a company to add to your list when doing a pet insurance comparison. Find out if this is the best pet health insurance for you from folks who have done the research.
VIP Pet Insurance
VIP Pet Insurance (VPI) is the original company to insure your pets. Learn why some think this is the best pet health insurance for their needs. We have done the research!
Natural Organic Pet Food
Tips on the benefits of feeding natural organic pet food to your companion. Healthy dog foods and natural pet food info. Are you feeding your beloved family member a high quality organic pet food ?

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